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Fun Rediscovered

"We want to have fun … in a kitchen like an artful composition brought to life," was the clients' wish.
"We have to prepare food and look at each other… And, we have to have that glass counter!"
The Kitchen design is envisioned as a 3-D composition in white and slate-brown maple cabinetry with red brush strokes including range, chandelier and coffee cupboard.
The wavy-glass eating counter follows the entertainment sink curves. It is radiating light from around the sink and it also lit from the floor below.

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Fun Rediscovered

The additional request to keep guests out of the way, dictated a J-shape peninsula layout. Placing the clean-up and storage area across from a dual-access prep sink allows function uninterrupted: the client loves to prep while cleaning, unload the dishwasher, make coffee or open a bottle of wine -and have it all within reach.
Three contrasting countertop materials define "territories": the desired textured glass for the guest eating counter; white quartz for the clean-up and cooking areas.

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