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A Path to Japan

Frequent flyers to Japan and passionate about traditional Japanese architecture, the clients asked: "What if this was a kitchen in an ancient samurai or merchant mansion? And what if the original proportions and design elements were incorporated into a 21st century kitchen?"
To invite "mansion proportions" we opened up the low ceiling to the roof line, added skylights, and included new beams and posts, appearing to bear soot from centuries of cooking over charcoal fires. Warm wood is celebrated throughout, with distressed acacia flooring and handcrafted clear alder cupboards, -some fashioned after the traditional Japanese lattice-door style, which reinforces the balcony-rail inspired hood. Affectionately observed details feature imported Japanese hardware and textured wallpaper, wood-lined backsplash, antiqued fixtures, shoji-soft lighting.

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A Path to Japan

A magnificent vintage Japanese two-piece tansu was refurbished and re-configured to serve as a hutch for the clients' formal china and silver pieces. Rare Japanese antiques from their private collection are displayed on top. The Blue Bahia granite counter top carries the eye to the reflective blue glass tiles on the backsplash.

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