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Samurai Spirit

"A powder room inspired by the spirit of the Samurai," was the request of our client, who collects antique Samurai swords and teaches iaido (Japanese swordsmanship).

The search led us to a stunning, 42" long faucet, reminiscent of a Samurai sword, which soars from the wall above the vanity, slashing through the kimono-shaped mirrors, seeming ready to cut through the stone sink.

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Samurai Spirit

A strategic mix of materials and finishes creates the illusion of larger space: soft, silver colored wallpaper from Japan covers the walls; highly polished black, stacked pebbles play behind the vanity; natural maple on the floor and walls of the toilet compartment, with a mirror on one wall doubling the room and the light; and a minimalist wall-hung toilet.
The faucet inspired the use of accessories: a pair of woodblock prints, each featuring a famous samurai, and a brilliantly colored, arrow-patterned obi (the sash for a kimono) hanging from a bamboo pole.

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