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Made For Children

"My kitchen will be my children's garden" -said the client: "Imagine happy, bold green stems opening to a vibrant fuchsia flower bed! My garden will bear the fruits of my cooking to my little girls -my fairies." The kitchen follows the color scheme of the beach house exterior, - inspired by Mexican Architect Luis Barragán, in a vibrant combination that makes you smile!
And the use of mostly sustainable and green materials in this kitchen home, makes it "au courant" - and safer for children.

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Made For Children

The main 'function request': a large, uninterrupted island, where the mother could prepare food dishes with her spices, oils, and recycling bins readily accessible. She wanted to prep her dishes while watching the children sitting across doing their homework.
Under a soft, flower-shaped orange light, the joyful mother prepares her recipes on the large island -with all her spices and oils and recycling bins close-by: and as she wanted, she is facing her little fairies sitting across with dad, encouraging their artwork -a happy family life, in a kitchen made just for children.

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