Gestalt Design

Elevating how kitchens are created, Elina Katsioula-Beall created a concept - Gestalt Design - drawing on her classic art education and deep experience as an award-winning set designer.

She describes how the concepts merged with her work in designing kitchens.

I introduced "Gestalt Design" drawing inspiration from my set design background. When you are watching a play on a stage, you see the character in the set and you know that this space is exactly designed to express that character - that every choice is made to reflect the character’s personality; that every one of the character’s steps in that space is calculated; that every piece of furniture or prop is precisely positioned to help the delivery of the lines; that the stage lighting is magically focused to bring everything to life.

The sum total is the Gestalt - now the play expresses visually its literary value in the best way. It has been taken far beyond the conventional three walls and a couch.

In the exact same way I bring Gestalt in the play of my clients’ life. I deduce solutions for the design of their homes from the personality, the taste and the needs of the client; and from the shape and the character of the space.

Every kitchen made today will have a stove, a sink and a refrigerator.

Every kitchen will try to boast beautiful materials.

But how will all these elements interact so that the appliances are precisely positioned, so that the owner’s steps are calculated and her thinking patterns are reflected, and so that the lighting depicts the exquisitely combined materials?

In architecture, consider the Roman Courtyard: the central, arched outdoors area out of which stem all rooms. The Gestalt is in the way in which outdoors and indoors become one organic entity, so that you do not know where the one starts and the other finishes.

The result is much more than its components - it is the moment when the human makes nature the centerpiece of his habitat.

"Gestalt Design is like a melody; it is more than the notes that make it,"— I often tell my clients. "It transcends its component parts to become something original and fresh. It is the expression of your mental space. It is reflecting you."

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