Working with Us

Good design is composed of elegant solutions to your individual needs.

Someone once asked our founder, DeWitt Talmadge Beall, if he designed for special needs. He replied, “All needs are special needs.” So first, we must understand those needs. How should the kitchen function, what is your style, your budget? What it is that you want, but may not yet consciously know?

We ask our clients to tear pages from magazines, circling details that attract them. Or, create and show us your online "idea book" from Houzz or Pinterest.

We prefer that couples do this process separately, so that one is not influenced by the other. We want you to be spontaneous and uninhibited while doing this, because it will tell us a lot we need to know.

We also request a wish list of everything an ideal room would contain, as well as answers to a questionnaire that we provide.

Download Kitchen Questionnaire

A kitchen is a practical place, as functional as a knife or a spoon. Its shape derives from what we ask it to do. Appliances and accessories are the wish-lists to be fulfilled in the process. The first necessity is to ask the right questions, such as:

"When you come in with bags of groceries, where do you set them down? When things come out of the dishwasher, where do they go? When the dishwasher is open, can you open the door to the refrigerator?"

These are simple, practical questions, but out of their answers a good thing is made.

A kitchen must be thought of in steps, both the sequential steps it takes to perform a task, and the physical running around that goes with it. Whatever the style, the bones - the structure - of a good kitchen remain the same, because the problem remains the same. Then we measure and draft and dream and scheme . . . until the light dawns.

Our presentation includes before and after floor plans, elevations, accessory lists.

It begins the conversation.

Final plans button down the details.

Frank Lloyd Wright said, "There is no such thing as a minor detail." And he was, of course, Wright.

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