Chris Newton: Kitchen and Bath Remodel

"The final result of the work was more than I had originally dreamed of. The number of compliments I get (for my new kitchen) is almost embarrassing (and of course the odd magazine cover and award doesn't hurt!). The table of course is the great source of pride and pleasure Ė the great curve and the mixture of materials and colors is just sublime.

I find that the kitchen space in particular is very well laid out, with everything I need conveniently to hand. The sheer number of items you managed to squeeze into that small space is truly impressive.

And it has encouraged me to expand my cooking repertoire (and that is probably the best result of all) - not always with stellar results of course, but I can hardly blame the kitchen for that.

Similarly the bathroom space is very relaxing (tub) and a great way to kick start my day (shower).

The color scheme works really well, and the accent points are simply terrific.

Finally, the powder room, fire surround and just the general walkthrough area just all fits together to create a single coherent feel to the entire downstairs area.

Before embarking on the work I had talked with a number of friends and colleagues about their experiences in doing remodeling projects. Large and small, they all had their share of horror stories, from contractors breaking appointments, design choices that were somewhat "odd" (shall we say), panics, things going wrong, etc. and almost all were still chasing up items or have contentious dealings with designers/contractors long after the project should have completed. I can honestly say that the process I went through with you was just plain enjoyable. There were, as I suspect there always are, issues that arose; but the handful that did were all resolved efficiently, imaginatively and with a total lack of drama.

All in all, a highly pleasurable and rewarding experience -- and one I hope to repeat when(ever) I move homes again."

Chris Newton

Einy Kitchen Remodel

"We would like to thank you very much for the beautiful kitchen that you have designed for us. It is now a focal point of our house. We are very happy with the results, and we canít tell you how much we enjoy it every day! From beginning to end, you have been wonderful to work with, and we appreciate everything that you have done for us. We look forward to having the opportunity to working with you again in the near future."

Ron & Latizia Einy

Epstein/Castle Kitchen Remodel

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you what an exceptional job you did on our kitchen and what our experience was working with you.

First, let me say that every day we find we are enjoying
our new space more and more.

However what gives us the most pleasure was working with both of you. I have worked with many designers and several contractors over time, yet never have I found people so expert at both their craft and at the same time able to deal with problems in such a skilled manner.

The design of the kitchen you created for us is gorgeous, convenient and very calming to work in. Yet it occurs to us that each time we had an issue or a problem, you showed up, discussed it in detail and did everything that you could to remedy the problem. That is what we truly appreciate.

So many of our friends walk into our kitchen and cannot believe the transformation and all are telling us just how exceptional it looks and we heartily agree.

So thank you again so very much for creating this wonderful space. We are hopeful to have occasion to work with you both again and will continue to refer to you whenever possible."

Susan Epstein & Michelle Castle

Meurer Kitchen Remodel

"Elina captured the casual elegance and workable appliances that made my kitchen my favorite of all time. She worked tirelessly on the details, saving me time and money with my installation contractor!"

Bill Meurer, (on his eighth kitchen with us!)

Lasarow Kitchen Remodel

"There are not many kitchen designers around that have a master's in stage design from Yale. I am happy I got my kitchen designed by one!"

Rick Lasarow

Elina and the Lasarows of Studio City enjoy
a fun moment during the design process.

Liappas/Free Kitchen Remodel

"Today we tried the Miele dishwasher - for the first time. Katharine loves it - Iím not too sure. I didnít hear ANYTHING! Yes, the dishes were clean at the end - but if I donít hear ANYTHING, how can I be sure that something is happening? At any rate, weíre happy with EVERYTHING youíve done for us and we canít wait to show you your creation."

Demetrios Liappas & Katharine B. Free

Hoeshen/Robertson Kitchen Remodel

"Pat and I would like you to know how very pleased we are with our beautiful new kitchen! We love how efficient and convenient it is to prepare meals and entertain. I never thought I would enjoy cooking this much. We have received many compliments from everyone who has seen it. You really gave us everything we wanted on our wish list. I even have space left over!

We want to thank you so much for all of your hard work, and efforts to ensure that we were completely satisfied every step of the way. Kitchen remodels are never easy, and it rarely goes smoothly, but the end result is so worth it. You went above and beyond every step of the way. Thank you for your prompt attention to every concern that we had, and for being so patient with us. We will certainly recommend you to anyone that we know who is considering a kitchen remodel!"

Pat Hoeshen & Linda Robertson

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