DeWitt Designer Kitchens

Artistic Excellence in Kitchen Design

Our designers have earned Emmy nominations, art directed Academy Awards productions, Kennedy Center Honors, and designed a United States President's kitchen. We have also earned the nation's highest awards -(seventeen) for exceptional Kitchen & Bath Design from National Kitchen and Bath Association.

We have a profound kitchen design tradition - in leading certifed design - unlike any other. We can create a kitchen for you unlike any other, luxury designs at surprisingly affordable prices.

What sets us apart?

We design kitchens that are an extension of you, kitchens that inspire your celebrations of food and your celebrations of life, using an approach we call Gestalt Design.

Our motto is, "Look. Listen. Make it new." DeWitt Designer Kitchens is family owned since 1988.

Full Design Services

Beyond kitchens, we also create great rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, libraries media centers and more.

First, before we draw a single line, we talk to you, get to know you and your needs. To us the design challenge is the totality of the project, including function, style, budget, and what you want - but may not yet consciously know. Design is a voyage, a discovery.

A functional design must reflect how you want to use the space, both the structural shape and how people will move through the room. Will there be one cook or several? What type of entertaining do you want to do? Where will you set the groceries when you come in from shopping?

But like a set, it is much more than choreography and Xs on a floor.

Great design is simple, functional, graceful and surprising: a joy to live with. It lifts everything around it. The design should cheer, comfort and inspire, from your morning cup of espresso to your evening pot of tea.

Like an opening camera shot, our kitchens make a dazzling entry. But then, slowly, delicately, they begin to reveal exquisite nuance, surprising and subtle touches that never cease to delight.

The kitchen is your stage where everyday life unfolds. At DeWitt Designer Kitchens, we bring your world to life.

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